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Welcome to the apocalypse. 

Memento Mori is a new, high quality clothing brand with a message. The project of an ambitious artist and antagonist. An answer to a generalized fashion market.

Our mission is to deliver fashionable streetwear that feels both unique and comfortable. Delicately printing our works of art on only the finest quality of cotton.

An authentic brand to polish your casual black outfit, created to make feel one's best.

Inspired by the appeal of the night, chaos and death. Memento Mori is a collection that feels awkwardly familiar, yet pleasantly strange. Featuring powerful designs, often protesting a failing world. A wicked style for all anarchists, skaters, rebels, rockers, bikers, metalheads, punks, chicks, artists, hip-hoppers, wizards, witches and passionate lovers (of black).

It's not just the fair price, comfort, nor the high quality. The power of Memento Mori apparel lies in it's versatility: you decide how to wear your objection.

Get inspired by our Instagram community and start inspiring others by tagging your outfit.


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About Memento Mori_Quality Clothing Brand_Apocalypse

We like to keep our catalogue fresh, and work hard to regularly release new designs and modish apparel. To get your hands on a real eye-catcher browse our 'Armoire Grimoire' collection, which is a series of limited stock fashion items. Check our shop regularly.

We are building a webshop that is informative and easy to use. At the sime time being inspiring and transparant. By assisting you with valuable product information and images, we strive to reduce transport and stay true to our durable identity. Currently still working on the size chart and more product photos.

This quality brand is a young project looking for growth and partnerships. Helping us grow can be as small as telling your friends about us, or liking us on facebook. Or as big as selling our products in your store. 

Always in the mood for coffee and a hearty conversation. Your best bet would be to visit our contact page. Send a crow. Or follow us on Instagram for new releases, exclusive art and photography: mementomori.clothing

Creating a unique savage style,
for the modern chaotic.


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Experience a new shopping formula within Olen Shopping park: Upstores. Some enthousiastic individuals have joined forces to build an empty hall into an indoor shopping plaza with cosy food and lounge bar area. Start-ups can sign up monthly to open up their own pop-up store. This keeps your shopping experience fresh, make sure to hop on by regularly.

You can find one such shop filled with your favourite Memento Mori apparel. In our dark boutique we have all our designs on display, ready to be freshly printed for you, on the spot, or come create your own, personalized Memento Mori t shirt!

We have free stickers to hand out to all visitors. And every purchase is rewarded with an exclusive, black Memento Mori tote-bag! Come say hi and feel our fantastic quality for yourself!


Olen Shopping Park.
GPS: Winkelstraat 4, Lammerdries, 2250 Olen

Find our pop-UPSTORE in Shopping Park Olen to get your free stickers! Hint: Take the stairs on the left of the fun shop, or ascend near H&M with an enclosed capsule that will drop.

FRIDAY            11:00 - 18:00

SATURDAY            11:00 - 18:00

SUNDAY            11:00 - 18:00

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Premium Hoody - Desire

€ 59,99

THIS is the hoody you've been looking for. Made from a quality blend of cotton and polyester, built for durability and maximum comfort. With it's subtle shoulder reinforcement it is a perfect fit for any pair of shoulders. The clean white is an ideal canvas for our newest and hottest design: A yearning desire.

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Oversized Shirt - Death Moth

€ 29,99

This deep yellow, almost orange t-shirt is a ladies' favourite. With it's ultra fashionable cut and hot colour, it will be a guaranteed eye-catcher to paint the streets with. Wearing our Death Moth print you'll be protesting prejudice. Make sure to refer to our size chart because of the unusual cut.

Shop_Memento Mori_Clothing_Brand_Streetwear_Oversized_t shirt_King_Playing card_Deck

Oversized Shirt - King Mortis

€ 29,99

Our personal favourite design on a fashionable oversized shirt. Wear your objection with confidence. Ultra durable and comfortable shirts with an extended, low-hanging sleeve for that unique Memento Mori look. Super chaotic, remarkable style for all you rebels out there.

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Armoire Grimoire.

A special collection, one of a kind items, extra stylish or grim. From necklaces and raincoats to painted skateboards, we try to update the Armoire regularly. 

All items are available in a limited supply only and exclusive in our webshop. Make sure to visit regularly.

(Pro Tip: Our Instagram followers usually get a sneak peak a few days early)



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Washing instructions and more

The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. We know, once you've tasted that unique Memento Mori quality, it's hard to undo yourself from our exquisite apparel. Though, we advice to wash your t shirts and hoodies every now and then and we believe it is wise to do so ecologically.

Your mom, dad, grandmom, the housekeeper or Siri or yourself; inform the one to launder your piece for the first time, should do so at a temperature of 30° C. Usually at level 36, but it's common that, after it's debut in the washing machine, your shirt will evolve into it's final form.

Thereafter, washing at 30° C will suffice. For harder stains, temperatures of 40° C will do no harm. We will have specific washing instructions for every product in the catalogue.

Expressive art on quality cotton. We partner up with a local printing business Paintworkz, no extra transport needed. And because we know they will print with care. Remember that T-shirts with prints should best be ironed inside-out.

Built to last. We believe that by selling high-end products we can reduce waste and transport. With the proper care our gear should easily sustain over twenty washes. And for the better, our shirts quickly become your favourite top-of-the-pile.
We are working every day to find new ways and to better our corporal social responsibility.

It's the little things that count these days..

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© Copyright Memento Mori Clothing by Sepp Sterckx. All Rights Reserved.